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TAGVILLAGE - Tag Trading & Online Advertising Network


tagvillage is a revolutionary online advertising system that will better meet the needs of both online advertisers and web publishers. It is a system designed to help Advertisers more effectively place their goods and services in front of their target audience. It is a platform developed to produce greater advertising revenues for Web Publishers than is currently available through other ad networks.


tagvillage functions in a unique way. In addition to being a high-impact online advertising system, it is a publicity mechanism designed to automatically develop general public awareness for charitable Causes throughout the globe.


And finally, it is a low investment online income opportunity for people anywhere in the world.


tagvillage, inc. is a corporation based in Austin, Texas. Founded in 2010, the corporation is owned by 46 shareholders, operated by a team of executive officers, and governed by a board of directors. Our founders established tagvillage as the world's very first official Tithing Corporation. What is this? Simply put, we are required to donate 10% of our gross advertising revenue to charity. We are so committed to this core value that we actually wrote it into our corporate by-laws.



Tagvillage - Multiple Income Streams


As Tag Trader, you will earn money from Tag Trading, Referral Commission, Tagvertising Commission & Daily Profit Shares.


As Publisher, you make money with your site or blog.  We’ll display relevant and targeted ads on your site and you’ll earn advertising revenue every single time your visitors click on them.


As Advertiser, your ads are distributed through our publisher network and with 98% of the web within our reach, you will grab customers wherever they are.




Explanation of tagwords for Tag Trading

Tagwords (keywords and phrases) are words that advertisers target when they place ads on tagvillage. We buy tags from Tagvillage through their website. All new tagword start at $0.10 and will automatically increase by 30% each time someone bought it. You get 15% profit when someone bought your tagword.


Explanation of tagwords for Tagvertising

These tags will eventually be used by advertisers just as they are on Google, Facebook, Yahoo and other places that sells advertising. These ads are all displayed based on what keyword the user searches for.

In the case with Tagvillage, we are trying to buy keywords and phrases that advertisers will likely use when they come to Tagvillage to start advertising their products or services. At that point, we will begin earning 20% of what the advertiser pays (to tagvillage) EVERY TIME someone clicks on the ad that target our keywords. (Tagvertising)

Obviously, the "better" the word, or more "popular" the word is for advertising, the better our commissions will be, and the better our ability to help out our causes.






Tagvillage can also help your organization raise awareness and funds. Our Cause Tools are designed to help you spread the word to more and more people about your organization while simultaneously drawing an ever-increasing residual monthly donation stream.




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After registration, visit your Tagvillage Backoffice to manage your tagvillage profiles: Tag Trader, Publisher, Advertiser or Cause.  You can choose to be a Tag Trader, Publisher, Advertiser or all of them.












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Tagvillage Overview by CEO David Ruebush (youtube video)







What's tagvillage all about? New Social Network








What’s Tagvillage all about?  -watch the video presentation above.


Google made $30 Billion in 2010 selling ads. Why so much? ..because advertisers can TARGET their ads.


In television and newspaper advertising, the advertiser just hope that the right person views or reads their ads.

The awesome thing about Google is I can place ads in front of the person who is looking for the exact thing that I sell. Google creates a win/win situation: Both advertisers and customers find what they are looking for.

Google’s #1 Asset is keywords – the words and phrases that people enter to search.

The same concept also applies to Facebook.


Just like Google and Facebook, Tagvillage’s #1 Asset is also Keywords – the words and phrases that people enter, but we call them Tags.


So if Google, Facebook and Tagvillage all have the same primary assets, what’s so different about Tagvillage? Well… in Tagvillage, the Members OWN the TAGS. But that’s not all… in Tagvillage, the Members share in the advertising revenue generated from those tags.


If Tagvillage had only 1% of the market share of Google and Facebook then the members of tagvillage will get a share of $320 MILLION per year!


For only $0.10 you can own TAGS and get your share of the AD revenues generated from Tagvillage website.


What are you waiting for? … Join Now!

Isn’t it time you got your fair share of all the internet fortunes?


Tagvillage is 100% free to join and always will be.


How to get started?  Steps to become an active member:

1. Sign-up free below.

2. Fund your account with a minimum of $5.00 credit... we accept AlertPay, PayPal, and Major Credit Cards.

3. Purchase Tagwords. (You will earn daily profit shares and 15% profit when someone buy your tagword. You will also get 20% tagvertising commission when someone click on the ads that target your tagwords)

4. Invite your referrals to do the same and you will get 10% of any money generated from your referral tag sales and tagvertising commission.


*** You can also earn money as a free member. A Free Member get 10% of any money generated from his referral tag sales and tagvertising commission***


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